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Sambonet  es una de las marcas mas antigua de Italia, y su historia y experiencias se remontan a hace doscientos años. A principios del 1900 ya Sambonet era el suplidor oficial de muchas familias nobles y su éxito se ha ido expandiendo por el mundo. Ha sido la primera compañía en Europa en trabajar el acero inox.

It all started at the end of the 18th century when nobleman giuseppe sambonet, an able goldsmith and silversmith who lived in v ercelli, was entrusted with the restoration of precious sacred objects held at the local cathedral.

In 1856 his son giuseppe, a skilled graduate in fine arts, obtained the master goldsmith licence. on may 15th of that year, upon founding the company he named after himself, giuseppe registered the "gs" seal at the turin mint that was to symbolize the mark of excellence in the tabletop market for years to come.

As the year 1900 began, he was appointed the official supplier for many noble families such as the duchess of genoa and the count of turin.

In 1932, he started the first industrial plant of its kind in italy, extending its production range from sterling silverware to galvanic silverware.

In 1938, sambonet becomes the first company in europe to manufacture stainless steel flatware and introduces its unique silverplating technique on stainless steel, thus earning its fame as a top tableware manufacturer. thanks to sambonet’s exclusive technology, in 1947 the company begins the production of stainless steel knives and blades.

1956 is the year of sambonet's rise to world renown, when a bid for the cairo hilton hotel is won out of 53 competitors thanks to a magnificent holloware collection.

It is at this point, that the sambonet name becomes famous as a supplier to many world class hotels and restaurants.

In the 60's great designers such as roberto sambonet and anna castelli ferrieri create tremendously innovative collections that further enhance sambonet's reputation for

In the market. even still today, masterpieces like the “pesciera”, “center line” and the “linea 50” e lite trays can still be admired at the moma in new york.

In 1997, sambonet becomes part of the paderno group, a world leader in the field of professional cookware and kitchen utensils.

In the year 2000, the paderno group acquires béard, a world renowned swiss company based in montreux with an outstanding reputation as a de luxe hotellerie supplier.

The icing on the cake is sambonet usa inc. which, established in new jersey in 1988, contributes to making known in the us our “italian-style market” philosophy to all of its clients.


Paderno es lider desde hace 80 años en la producción de ollas y utensilios de cocina para la casa y el sector hotelero. Tiene presencia en mas de 60 países.

Since 1925, paderno has been manufacturing and distributing its products through dealers and wholesalers reaching all the various sectors of the catering industry, from restaurants and hotels to ocean liners and communities (army, hospitals, prisons, etc...) paderno also offers a wide range of complementary items which have been selected from experienced manufacturers all around the world.

Paderno always acts in order to fully satisfy the customers and has fixed as commercial policy the following firm points: quality products, assistance through specialized staff, full compliance with its sale conditions and competitive prices. to succeed in its aim paderno has achieved a quality management system which has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of iso 9001/uni en iso 9001 - ed. 2000.